Have you noticed your hot water cut in and out intermittently while having a shower?

This can be a frustrating and annoying issue, especially while trying to relax in your nice hot shower! There are several issues which may be causing this.

Instant Gas Hot Water Systems

Instantaneous gas hot water systems are a popular choice for many home because of their small size and guarantee you will never run out of hot water. Instantaneous gas hot water systems operate using gas and work by sending cold water through a copper pipe that has heat directly applied to it. When a hot water tap is turned on, The heater detects this using a flow sensor and the heating begins. The water is heated to the temperature that is needed and flows to your tap. When the tap is turned off, your hot water system shuts off too!


Some common issues with instantaneous gas hot water system:

1. Intermittent hot and cold water

This can be a common occurrence with instantaneous systems and can be caused by several issues including:
• Using an undersized gas bottle for your gas feed. Speak with your heating specialist to determine the right size gas bottle for the pipe size and heating requirements for your home.
• Water saving device installed in your shower head or tap which may be affecting a taps ability to be registered as a ‘hot water’ tap.
• Low hot water pressure received at your home from the meter.

2. The pilot light is out

You can attempt to re light the pilot light on your hot water system if it goes out. An instantaneous hot water system needs a high flow rate of water to pass through it in order to light the pilot light. A tip here is to run your tap on full for a few minutes before trying to ignite the pilot light.


3. Luke warm water or low water pressure

If you find you have only lukewarm water coming through your taps, this can be the result of a faulty thermostat or diaphragm inside the water heater, which may need replacing or the strainer valve on the cold inlet valve may be blocked and require maintenance by your heating specialist.


4. Receiving no hot water at all

In the event that your find you are receiving no hot water at all, here are a few things to check before calling your hot water specialist:

– Check that your other gas appliances are receiving gas flow. If your other appliances are operating correctly, there is no issue with your gas supply. If they are not receiving gas, check your gas meter or bottles and ensure they are working and full.

– Check that your continuous flow system is plugged into its electrical socket.
If your system has a controller, check the temperature is set to the correct level.

You don’t have to put up with intermittent hot water. Give our friendly team a call on 0421 572 008 and be confident that we can assess and fix your hot water issues.

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