There is nothing worse than a blocked drain. Not only is it a major inconvenience to your household but blocked drains are cause for a cesspool of germs, bacteria and foul smells around your home.

It is a problem that every home owner will experience at east once in their lifetime and if not attended to quickly, it could cause health issues and further damage to your pipes.

The most common causes of a blocked drain are:

1. Hair

Hair is the most common cause of a blocked drain. It can accumulate and due to its porous texture, it can clump together and cause a blockage in your drain. Most of the time it is easy to remove yourself at home.


2. Plants and Dirt

Fallen leaves from seasonal change or tree roots can be the biggest culprits when it comes to natural debris blocking up water drains. By keeping up with garden maintenance and making sure trees and shrubs are watered well you can avoid this in most cases.

3. Grease Build-up

Grease build up is caused by oils and fats making their way down your kitchen drain only to cool and solidify. This can be avoided by instead disposing of your grease waste in the bin.


4. Toiletries

Toiletries like baby wipes are very commonly found to be the cause of a blockage in your pipe. Most would think it is fine to flush these down the toilet, however they are not very biodegradable and can get stuck in your pipes.


5. Heavy Rain and Storms

Heavy rainfall can encourage natural debris to gather and block your storm water drains. If not cleaned regularly, your gutters can also overflow adding extra pressure to your drains and pipes.

6. Broken Pipes

Tree roots can grow into your pipes causing breakages and fractures to the actual pipe. This is a big issue and will need fixing as soon as possible.

7. Poor Water Flow

Low water pressure or poor flow could be caused by a blockage or by a build-up of sediment.

8. Bad Pipe Installation

An incorrect or DIY installation can mean further costs down the track – always entrust plumbing work to a renowned and experienced plumber.

9. Foreign Objects

If it can fit, it has most likely made its way down the drain or toilet. Items like children’s toys and sanitary items get flushed down the toilet regularly. It is always best to look at alternative ways of disposing of these items.

Most of these causes can be avoided with a few changes around your home however some can be underlying issues and if not treated correctly first hand, can be a cause for future issues to come.
For example, if you have a break in a pipe that has a jagged edge, particles can get trapped along the way. These particles will then start to build up eventuating in a blockage. If the pipe is not fixed – the blockage will continue to happen.

To locate this problem, a trusted plumber will use a CCTV camera for inspection. This will assist with diagnosing the issue and it’s cause without having to rely on guesswork and multiple call backs to clear the blockage every couple of months. This extra step in diagnosing the problem will save you time and money. Here at Command Plumbing Services we always make sure to go the extra mile when investigating the cause of the issue. If you need help with a blocked drain, please contact our friendly team on 0421 572 008 and we would be more than happy to help!






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