Command Plumbing Services specialises in pipe and junction pipe relining. Pipe Relining is the no dig solution to fixing damage underground pipes. This is the process of inserting a sleeve and epoxy resin into the broken pipe and leaving it to set in just a few hours. Now there is no reason to be worried about damage to gardens, driveways or walkways.

Pipe relining is stronger, cheaper, and non-intrusive to your property. Think of it as “keyhole surgery” for your homes underground plumbing system. Pipe Relining is the most advanced technology in non-invasive pipe repairs.

Command Plumbing Pipe Relining

Damaged and blocked drains can likely mean costly repairs and potential health hazards. Command Plumbing Services’ pipe relining is a cost-effective pipe repair solution. Using our trenchless technology we renew your pipelines, will revitalise your underground pipes at a fraction of the cost. This process will restore damaged pipes with limited impact to your property. You will not have to pay a fortune by replacing an entire pipeline, we can work on the existing pipes in order to reline it and restore it to its former glory.

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Six Reasons for Pipe Relining

A no dig pipe repair solution that can be completed in a single day. We are able to gain access to the problem and solve the problem without damage to gardens, driveways or walkways.

A special epoxy resin is used to form the inside of a new pipe. When it cures and sets, becomes stronger than commonly used PVC pipe of the equivalent size. This process blocks future tree roots from re-penetrating the pipe.

Pipe relining provides a corrosion-resistant pipe protection. Clay, concrete, cast iron and PVC pipes are able to be relined and repaired with peace of mind. The pipe relining resin Command Plumbing Services uses last longer than conventional pipes. This creates peace of mind knowing once the pipe is relined, the problem is solved.

The smooth finish of the epoxy resin creates an ability for water to flow at a higher rate, compared to the surface finish of clay, concrete or cast-iron pipes. Also, calcification deposits are unable to attach to the epoxy resin, eliminating obstructions and impediments that restrict water flow.

Pipe relining a cost-effective method to a timely problem. The traditional dig up and replace process, is costly. Command Plumbing Services is able to produces advanced results without the expense of hiring machinery, or replacing damaged property caused from old digging methods. One simple system, using a sleeve and epoxy resin. No extra expenses.

Command Plumbing Services pipe relining produces come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We also give a lifetime guarantee of workmanship.

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We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job,
if you go ahead with us! All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!

We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job, if you go ahead with us!  All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!