Drain Clearance Services

Command Plumbing Services utilise the latest multi-directional camera equipment to accurately assess the issue in order to recommend the most efficient as well as cost-effective solution. We are highly experience in hydro-jetting, pipe re-lining and pipe repairs right through to complete drain and pipe replacements. Command Plumbing Services specialise in diagnosing and treating the cause of blocked drains across homes, strata properties, businesses and commercial facilities.

In some scenarios, proper plumbing and drain maintenance are the best courses of action. We can recommend an annual maintenance schedule to prevent a future plumbing emergency. Regardless of the size of the job, Command Plumbing Service is committed to always providing the highest level of service.

Common reasons for your blocked drains

Tree roots growing into pipes
Build-up of Grease
Flushing Wet Wipes
Cracked or broken pipes
Foreign objects

Blocked drains can occur for a variety of reasons. Some of these include build-up of grease, cracked or broken pipes, tree roots growing into pipes, or foreign objects finding their way into the plumbing system. Signs that a blockage exists includes odours coming from sinks or toilets, water draining slowly or water leaks.

Left untreated, blocked drains can result in pipe breakage, water damage to your property’s foundations, costly flooding and overflow of waste materials.

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Clearing Blocked Drains and Pipes

We use the latest CCTV equipment to inspect and locate any intrusions blocking your plumbing system. We offer a free CCTV inspection in conjunction with all hydro-jetting procedures and pipe relining services. Command Plumbing Services’ CCTV inspection gives you peace of mind and knowledge with visual identification of blockages.

Our highly trained, experienced, and skilled plumbing technicians use high-pressure water pressure to cut through any obstruction to your drainage system. Hydro jetting is a highly effective and efficient way of clearing clogged or blocked drains. It is far more versatile than a drain machine which uses metal cutting heads that attach to a coiled spring rod that is rotated through the drain. By using water in drain jetting as the cutting agent we are able to clean the whole internal diameter of the pipe more thoroughly and clean sludge and grease which clings to the sides of the plumbing system. High-pressure water jet blasting is a long-term solution to blocked drains.

Pipe Relining is the no-dig solution to fixing damaged underground pipes. This is the process of inserting a sleeve and epoxy resin into the broken pipe and leaving it to set in just a few hours. Command Plumbing Services pipe relining is stronger, cheaper, and non-intrusive to your property. Click here for more information on Pipe Relining.

Blocked drains are a leading cause of plumbing problems and strata or commercial jobs are a very common call out. The key is to fix them fast before they become a bigger issue as it’s likely already affecting various parties involved. Command Plumbings drain cleaning services can help you with this problem. There are many causes of commercially blocked drains including foreign materials, broken pipes, tree roots, nearby construction – the list goes on and it’s important that you get a fast diagnosis and repair.

Given the scale of some of the issues we see, it’s also why you should never attempt to fix a blocked drain on your own. Our team of licensed plumbers have the training and experience your organisation needs to clear drain issues the first time, every time. When the bathroom sink won’t drain or the toilet won’t flush – it’s time to call us before it’s too late!

Our team can also help you identify and fix longer term problems with your drainage system. We can identify blocked drains, clear them, and repair any damage quickly. We have the expert skills and tools to get rid of blocked drains fast and easily! Let us worry about keeping your drains flowing smoothly so that you can focus on more important things.

Command Plumbing is pleased to support residential and commercial plumbing and drainage systems – no job too big, no blockage too deep for Command Plumbing. Emergency plumbing services available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for after hours plumbing services.

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We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job,
if you go ahead with us! All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!

We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job, if you go ahead with us!  All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!