Command Plumbing Service has extensive experience installing a wide range of hot water systems.

  • Gas Storage Water Heaters
  • Electric Storage Water Heaters
  • Continuous flow Water Heaters
  • Instant electric Water Heaters
  • Energy Efficient Water Heaters

We ensure you have a hot water supply right when you need it. Whether you want a smaller unit for bathroom or kitchen or a centralised system to meet the hot water requirements of the entire house, we can recommend and install the right heating solution for your property.

It is recommended that gas hot water systems are serviced at least once every two years. Following this can help ensure the system is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. Regular maintenance of hot water systems by Command Plumbing Services will greatly extend the life of the system.

Command Plumbing Service carries out services by our team of licensed plumbers who always go the extra mile. We inspect for not only current issues and also to identify any future problems before they occur such as excessive calcification.

To ensure your hot water is running continuously as it should be, contact Command Plumbing Services to ensure your hot water system is inspected and serviced regularly. The last thing you need is to wake up on a cold winter morning with no hot water!

We offer our customers a temporary hot water loan unit, installed at your home whilst we await your new water heaters arrival or for use during an emergency.


Our Hot Water System – Inspection Services include:

  • Inspecting the temperature limiting valve

  • Inspecting the pressure relief valve

  • Inspect and flush the expansion control valve

  • Inspect the anode

  • Inspect for any calcium build up

  • Inspect all connection points

  • Check the drain line from the safe tray is clear of blockage.

  • Constant Hot Water: offers a continue to supply hot water when you need it
  • No Tank: water is heated instantly through a heat exchange coil
  • Energy saving: only heating water when you need it
  • Space-saving: compact designs require a small amount of space
  • Gas saving: no tank to keep hot means, gas is used less frequently
  • Safer: no water under pressure like tank-based heating systems
  • Long life: tankless systems have a longer lift saving on costly regular replacements
  • No rust: a closed system does not allow for rust build-up which could cause health problems


Still have questions about your hot water systems or need to book a service? Our team is ready to assist!


Have a project in mind?

We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job,
if you go ahead with us! All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!

We offer professional, onsite quotes for only $49 – which is credited to your job, if you go ahead with us!  All plumbing quotes are no-obligation and hassle-free!