Water heating is the biggest energy cost in Australian homes. Solar hot water systems are the cheapest and most environmentally friendly units to run for your home. They are becoming increasingly popular and can add lots of value to your home. Here are some key benefits to installing a solar hot water system.


Is it worth the initial upfront cost? Yes! Though a solar hot water system can cost more to begin with they are cheaper to run than conventional electric or gas systems. Most households will save a significant amount of money on their water heating bills making this cost back over a short time.

Low Maintenance

The average lifespan of a solar hot water system sits at about 10-20 years with some having recorded longer than 20 years of service. Once installed, there is not much to be done in terms of maintaining your solar hot water system. It is highly recommended to organise periodic maintenance checks with a trusted plumber to ensure your system can run to its full potential. Solar hot water systems should be serviced and cleaned approximately every five years or less if you notice issues.

Better for the Environment

Installing a solar hot water system is a significant contribution to the environment with approximately 34 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions prevented over a 20-year period. The best thing about a solar hot water system is that is uses absolutely no electricity at all to run. They are environmentally friendly and aid in the reduction of carbon footprints.

Adds Value to your Home

Research indicates that the more solar panels you have on your roof, the higher the value of your home. It has been estimated to create an increase of $6000 per kilowatt of solar energy. This is a huge investment for your home as well as your power bills.


Offset investment Costs with government rebates

The Australian government is currently offering home owners thousands towards solar installation with most owners saving 65%-85% off their previous power bills. This is definitely something to look into when looking to install a solar hot water system.

Enjoy Hot Water 24/7 – Even in Winter

Like a battery, a solar hot water system can capture energy from the sun and will store it for later. The solar collectors are designed to maximise heat absorption even on the coldest day so there is no need to worry about running out f hot water. These systems are built to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions giving you peace of mind, knowing your investment will outstand any climate.

When considering installing a solar hot water system, the benefits definitely speak for themselves. Solar is the way of the future and becoming more popular with demand high especially for home owners. If this is something you are considering, and you feel you are ready to start your journey please contact our friendly team on 0421 572 008 and we would be more than happy to help guide you through it.


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