If you haven’t heard about this new drain pipe repair technique here is a perfect introduction to it. It’s called Pipe Relining, and not only can it save you time and money but is also a great alternative to replacing your pipes completely resulting in less stress long term.

But how does Pipe Relining work, and why should you consider it instead of traditional drain repair methods?

Pipe Relining is an upgrade to the old traditional method which would be to repair or replace the pipe completely. It is used to repair blocked, cracked or broken drain pipes.

The major difference between the old method and Pipe Relining is that all the work is done above ground with little to no digging which means no damage to your property.

Pipe Relining is done using an Epoxy resin pipe. The material is fitted into the existing drain and is allowed to cure and mould to the shape of the old pipe. A trusted plumber will ensure a custom fit prior by carrying out some tests which helps determine the best process of installation.

Here are just six benefits of Pipe Relining:

It is Cost Effective

Pipe Relining is one of the most cost-effective methods of dealing with drain or pipe issues. It involves less labour as it isn’t necessary to dig up the entire piping system. Materials are a fraction of the price and there will be no need for restoring your property to its former glory as all the work is done above ground with no need to tear up gardens or lawn to get to the problem.

Time efficient

Relining your pipes takes less time to achieve then a full dig up and repair. It also allows access to harder to reach areas which results in less time on the job. With no digging it also makes sure you aren’t spending weeks or months later trying to restore the grounds of your property.

Fortifies the pipes

Adding epoxy resin to the old pipe can reinforce your whole piping system. This is due to the merging of two pipes into one unit. It can also eliminate the joints and the weak points in the entire system giving it higher efficacy.

It is Safer

Pipe Relining ensures a safer environment for all especially for young children or pets. With no digging required and no disruptions around your home you can be sure that there will be no accidents which could be potentially caused if using the traditional method of pipe repair.

Adds Value to Your Home

The drainage system is an essential point during home inspections. If you have a well-designed system, it ensures efficiency on the drainage service. Pipe relining reinforces the existing system can enhance drainage efficacy. It can boost the value of your home.  Command Plumbing Services Pipe Relining comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. We also give a lifetime guarantee of our workmanship so you can feel safe knowing you have this added guarantee to your property.

Minimal Disruption of Landscape

Digging up pipes for repair can cause major disruptions to your property’s landscape. Things like plants, lawn, pavers and concrete and be destroyed by this process. The repairing or replacement of this can cost you a lot of money and time.

When you reline, there is a minimal disruption that will occur on the surface. It is a more convenient means of rehabilitation that helps maintain your home in good condition.

We hope this has answered a few questions you had about Pipe Relining. If you need to know more or have a feeling you might need to book this in, please call our friendly team on 0421 572 008 and we will be more than happy to help!

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