It’s not often you come across major issues with your water supply however it is important to be prepared just in case you are to one day face this. Your water meter or water valve is responsible for controlling the water flow to your property. A water meter can also be called a main, ball valve, gate valve or T-top isolation tap.
Your water meter should always be either completely open for full flow or shut off to stop water flow altogether. Any use of your water meter to adjust water flow could cause corrosion and stop its ability to function properly.

There are many reasons why you would need to shut off your water supply using the meter and here are some examples:

  • Notice any water dripping from your kitchen sink; or running from appliances such as your dishwasher or washing machine.
  • Find signs of water pooling in your yard.
  • Come across an unexplained amount of water within your house.
  • Observe water gushing uncontrollably from a water source.

To avoid further potential damage that could be caused by a burst water pipe, fast action of shutting off your water supply at the meter is crucial.
Here at Command Plumbing Services we would also shut off the water supply when looking at a repair, replacement or general maintenance of the pipes servicing your home.

How to shut off your water supply both inside and outside your home.

For small, in-house jobs, turning off your overall water supply isn’t necessary and can easily be done by turning off and indoor supply valve. This can be located inside near or within your kitchen or laundry cabinetry. All you need to do to shut off the water supply internally is to turn the valve clockwise. If there is a valve for both hot and cold you will need to turn both for this to be effective.

After you shut off the flow of water.

When you need to shut off the water flowing to your water heater, the valve will be located on a pipe above your system. This can be shut off by turning it clockwise as well.
For shutting off your overall water supply, your water meter is commonly found at the front of your house protected by a council cover plate. it can be easily seen in most cases but sometimes can be covered by grass or plants. For this reason, we do suggest being careful when locating and opening the cover plate – just in case a spider or other insect has made a home there.
The shut off valve should always be pointing in the direction of the water flow (pointing toward your house) when water is flowing. To shut it off turn it away from your home or clockwise.
Because the valve is rarely used it can be a bit tricky to move. Using protective gloves or pliers can help to slowly turn the valve.

That’s it, as simple as that! Be sure to contact a trusted plumber if you are in an emergency and let them know you have been able to shut off the water supply too.

If for any reason you feel unsure, are unable to shut off your water supply or find yourself in an emergency, we at Command Plumbing Services are more than happy to help. Please call our friendly team on 0421572008 for assistance.

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